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Cafeteria Services

Dear all faculty, staff, students, parents and new users of the ISU cafeteria.

Hello from your new school caterers! GATE catering LLC is pleased to have the chance to provide the catering services at your school. Our aim, along with the School, is to provide our students and teachers with an exceptional catering experience. We plan exciting menus packed with health, variety, goodness and attitude. We also make our food look great and taste as good as it should.

The GATE catering has years of operations by supplying well prepared nutritious, quality meals at companies which require Catering and Cafeteria services for their employees and customers.  We strive to meet all our customer demands in other to ensure our mutual benefits and growth. We believe that Quality food is a necessity of life.



The payment system will be an electronically charged pre-paid card that can only be used at the ISU cafeteria. It is operated by the Khas Bank, which is GATE catering LLC’s principal banking account provider. The card will be able to be charged utilizing various payment methods: phone top up charge, online payment banking and through other direct debit, bank to bank transfer means.

At meal times the student will present their swipe card at the cashier point-for-payment of the meal.  The student will be given an itemized receipt that they can present to their parents so that meal consumption, expenditures and card balances can be monitored.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT ISU CAFÉ SWIPE CARD ACCOUNTS: If your child has obtained their meals from the ISU cafeteria, the costs of these meals has been recorded against their name. Once the ISU Café swipe card account has been set up, the total amount of these meals will be charged on their account. Please be aware of this when you make your first deposit to the account. When your child receives their card, you will also receive all of the instructions on how to make electronic transfer to their ISU Café swipe card account and how to receive the notices about account balance and meal consumption. PAY BY CASH UNTIL SWIPE CARDS ARRIVE Now that cafeteria operations are underway, we request that your child pay cash for their meals until they receive their swipe cards. The swipe cards should be available within a few days after you submit the application and signed contract. Thank you for your understanding.


The GATE catering looks forward to a long and happy relationship with the ISU.

For further information please feel free to contact:



Kindest Regards

Mr. Bill Bataa

Operational Director 

CAFETERIA MENUS: (for download)


Menu Price

Vegetarian Menu Price

Bakery Price


Coffee House Menu


Khas Bank "Temuulel card information" for ISU Cafeteria

Application of payment card for students (English)

Сурагчдын төлбөрийн картын маягт, гэрээ

Foreign students under 14 years of age: 

Please attach copy of password and current residential card. (both parents and students) 

Mongolian students under 14 years of age: 

Please attach copy of parents identification card and students birth certificate (Монгол Улсын иргэншилтэй, 14-өөс доош насны сурагчид эцэг эхийн иргэний үнэмлэх, төрсний гэрчилгээний хуулбарыг хавсаргана уу.)

Foreign students over 14 years of age:

Please attach copy of student's residential card

Mongolian students over 14 years of age:

Please attach copy of student's identification card if student is 16 years of age and above. (Монгол Улсын иргэншилтэй, 16 болон түүнээс дээш насны сурагчид иргэний үнэмлэхийн хуулбарыг хавсаргана уу.)

Please attach copy of birth certificate if student is under 16 years of age (Монгол Улсын иргэншилтэй, 16 нас хүрээгүй сурагчид төрсний гэрчилгээний хуулбарыг хавсаргана уу.)

If you have any questions related to Khas Bank 

Please contact at tel: 99056255



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