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English as a Second Language (EAL)

Description of EAL Services

The International School of Ulaanbaatar (ISU) provides English as an Additional Language (EAL) support services to help students develop their English language proficiency. The EAL program is offered to students in grades 1-5 and grades 6-10. 

The program provides extra language instruction and support from EAL specialists working in collaboration with the grade level teachers. The program aims to help students achieve confidence and proficiency in English so that they may participate fully in the school environment and in their regular academic program.  EAL lessons are, as much as possible, related to the language and vocabulary that the student requires to access curriculum content in the grade level classroom. EAL specialists work with identified students in the regular classes and support grade level teachers during regular classroom activities. 

The EAL teachers and grade level teachers work closely together to monitor a student’s progress and to meet the student’s language needs. 

Assessment of Need

The amount and type of support is determined by a number of factors including assessment scores and recommendations of the EAL and grade level teachers.

 Identification of EAL students is done either at the time of admission to the school or by grade level teachers in collaboration with EAL specialists after admission to the school. EAL students are interviewed and assessed by the EAL specialists in the four skill areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  The EAL specialists also have discussions with the grade level teachers before determining what type of program, schedule or support is needed. 

 EAL language support may include individual, pair or small group teaching both in-class and in withdrawal to the EAL classroom.

Exiting From EAL

Assessment of student progress is ongoing and made by observation of the student’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills, work samples, and formal assessments. 

 Exit from the EAL program begins once it is determined that the student is able to sufficiently access curriculum content in the grade level classroom. 

 Once a student no longer receives in-class or withdrawal EAL support, the EAL specialist continues to monitor student progress for at least one semester.

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