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ISU offers a balanced, holistic education by which intellectual and personal growth is promoted through inquiry-based, experiential study in the languages, humanities, sciences, mathematics, arts, technology, and physical education.

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Because individual students have different needs, interests and abilities, there are three different courses in mathematics: Mathematical Studies SL, Mathematics SL and Mathematics HL.

These courses are designed for different types of students: those who wish to study mathematics in depth, either as a subject in its own right or to pursue their interests in areas related to mathematics; those who wish to gain a degree of understanding and competence better to understand their approach to other subjects; and those who may not as yet be aware how mathematics may be relevant to their studies and in their daily lives.

Maths Studies SL

Math Studies is available at only standard level (SL) only. It caters for students with varied backgrounds and abilities. More specifically, it is designed to build confidence and encourage an appreciation of mathematics in students who do not anticipate a need for mathematics in their future studies. Students taking this course need to be already equipped with fundamental skills and a rudimentary knowledge of basic processes.

Grade 11 covers the following topics: 

  • Introduction to the graphic display calculator
  • Number and algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • Sets, logic and probability
  • One-variable statistics

Grade 12 covers the following topics:

  • Two-variable statistics
  • Introductory differential calculus
  • Financial mathematics and project


Mathematics SL

This maths course is for students who wish to pursue future studies in chemistry, economics, psychology, and business.  Students entering this course are expected to have previously acquired proficiency in number theory and sets, algebra, trigonometry, circle and parallelogram geometry, quadratics, coordinate geometry, and statistics and probability.  This is a rigorous two year course which culminates in an externally assessed examination (80%) and an internally assessed self directed mathematical project (20%) as a requisite component of the IBO Diploma Program.

This course covers the following topics:

  • Algebra (Equations, Exponents, Logarithms, Binomial Expansion, Sequences and Series)
  • Functions (Quadratic, Logarithmic, Exponential, Reciprocal, Inverse, Polynomial, Modeling, Graphing)
  • Trigonometry (Right angle, Non right angle, Sine Law, Cosine Law, Basic Angle Identities, Circular Functions, Radian Measures, Arcs and Sectors)
  • Vectors in 2d and 3d
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Calculus (Differential and Integral)


Mathematics HL

This maths course is for students with a good background in mathematics who are competent in a range of analytical and technical skills. The majority of these students will be expecting to include mathematics as a major component of their university studies, either as a subject in its own right or within courses in physics, engineering and technology. Others may take this subject because they have a strong interest in mathematics and enjoy meeting its challenges and engaging with its problems.

The internally assessed component, the exploration, offers students the opportunity for developing independence in their mathematical learning. Students are encouraged to take a considered approach to various mathematical activities and to explore different mathematical ideas. The exploration also allows students to work without the time constraints of a written examination and to develop the skills they need for communicating mathematical ideas.

This course is a demanding one, requiring students to study a broad range of mathematical topics through a number of different approaches and to varying degrees of depth. Students wishing to study mathematics in a less rigorous environment should therefore opt for one of the standard level courses, mathematics SL or mathematical studies SL. Students who wish to study an even more rigorous and demanding course should consider taking mathematics HL.

The course includes all of the topics that are in the SL course but often in greater depth, as well as some additional topics:

  •  Functions (linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric)
  • Sequences and Series
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Vectors and Lines in the Plane and Space
  • Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Distributions
  • Probability
  • Differential and Integral Calculus
  • Complex Numbers and Polynomials
  • Mathematical Induction
  • Vectors in 3 Dimensions
  • Differential and Integral Calculus


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